On Planting a Tree

(in the middle of a road, as an act of Ecoguerilla Theatre)


We plant this tree in tremulous trust and dedicate it as follows:

To all those, both human and animal, killed in road accidents in the past year

And in every year since the invention of the automobile;

To all the trees ever felled to make way for a motorway;

And of this spot, before this road was here,

To the grass that grew and the birds that flew

From the trees that stood in the ground around;

To a way of life that existed before the coming of the motor car;

And to a way of life that will exist after its passing

When the last oil well runs dry and the last car chokes its way to a final halt;

To a New Age dawning, when people will once more live in harmony with Nature,

And peace will return to the streets of our villages and towns

And free from the raucous noise that drowns them now

Will rise the sounds of love and life and laughter.

And failing all that, in lieu of that millenium,

We plant this tree

In memory of the Future.




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