Songs of the Springtime

A Collection of Poems by Ian McCarthy

Most of these poems were written a long time ago - some more than 30 years ago, when I was still at school - and these have all the defects of 'juvenilia'. Nevertheless, some express insights that have never left me, although I often have neglected these insights or even forgetten them altogether while exploring many of the dark and blind alleyways or sunny tree-lined avenues of everyday life. Others poems are more recent, but not necessarily any better. 'These fragments I have shored against my ruins' are not reproduced here in any particular order, either chronological or otherwise (except for the first few), and some can be found in other versions elsewhere. I will eventually put them in some kind of order. My only hope in offering them to you in this untidy manner is that you will enjoy one or two of them, and perhaps find inspiration to express whatever words well up inside yourself. Please excuse the excruciatingly bad ones: they are all my offspring, and I can't bear to put any of them to sleep, no matter how embarrasingly brainless they are.

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The Universe

The Mystic Quest

The Poet and The Clown

The Promise of Prophecy


The Old Farmer



Rural Blues

Come down Moses

The Bag Woman

The Empire of Neon

On Planting a Tree

Blue Moon

Find Me a Donkey

Common Sense

The Day of Judgement



Message to Posterity

Millennium Endgame


Prayer to Atlas


How the Medium Wave got its name



Commuter Train to London

The Ultimate Idol


The Spiritual Matrix

It Takes All Sorts